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+Welcome+ [08 Nov 2013|04:44pm]
[ mood | :+:RaverSurge:+:RaverEsque:+: ]

:+: .:Welcome?:. :+:

:+: .::. :+:
:+: .::. :+:
:+: .:Come away with me:. :+:
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[08 Nov 2006|02:46pm]
DisorderYour Score
Major Depression:Slight-Moderate
Bipolar Disorder:Moderate
Cyclothymia:Very High
Seasonal Affective Disorder:High
Postpartum Depression:N/A
Take the Depression Test

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear elly, happy birthday to me.

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[08 Nov 2006|04:40am]
It's so my birthday.
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[30 Oct 2006|11:38am]
Oh hell no.

Oh no he didn't. Oh yes, yes he fucking did.

"Fuck off and die"
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[26 Oct 2006|02:42pm]
and its REALLY fucking odd that i'm getting hit with symmetrical time stamps again NOW.

You know, like, 11:11am when i check, then 12:12am when I check again.

This blows. Fuck you.

In a VERY nice way, but not that fucking nice right now.

Endless day
We search for what we hold inside
So hard to find
Luck turns
Will the fallen ever reach within
And rise again

I will fight the end
Till the end is here
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[24 Oct 2006|11:11am]
Oh. Ah. Ah. Hah....
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[23 Oct 2006|04:48am]
And in any case; How do you pick up the threads of an old life?

And why do you want them so badly.

I'd try.

I'm sorry.

I'm just sorry, but I would. I'm sure of it.

I'm not ashamed to feel this way. Go ahead, make fun.

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don't scream. [22 Oct 2006|07:06pm]
I threw it all in for you.
I can't believe you asked thosed things of me.

"I can't escape the twisted way you think of me."

I feel you in my dreams and in between.

And you just stand there, deleting me, and stare as my world crumbles in my head.

Quack, quack, fucking quack.

Its bitter-sweet inanity.

Kelly: I need a hit, man... I need that sweet, sweet candy!
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And how about this; [19 Oct 2006|09:48pm]
You're adopted; so tuck yourself in!
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Lacrymosa [19 Oct 2006|12:03pm]
Out on your own
cold and alone again
can this be what you really wanted, baby?

Blame it on me, set your guilt free. Nothing can hold you back now, love..
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[17 Oct 2006|01:40pm]

Compromise and forgiveness are not words a person like you understands.
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[17 Oct 2006|09:03am]
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[04 Oct 2006|02:57pm]
Why is it when you get to the end of a demi important post and reread it, you find yourself wondering why you wasted your time.

Deaf, blind and mute.
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[04 Oct 2006|02:49pm]
If this is as broken as I get, maybe I should go all out.

Maybe, just maybe, I should take it to Bob the Builder instead.

Can he fix it? Yes he can! ... 't.
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[01 Oct 2006|03:42pm]
The love i have for you
Is so deep
I think of you in my sleep

To show you how I feel
as I cry
It's hard to say
How's in my mind

Show you how I feel. Know that love is real
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[01 Oct 2006|03:04am]
So I wore my formal shoes for the first time in a year the night before the one just gone.

Found out it was the night this years formal was on.


footnote. this is currently the least of my worries. thanks a fucking lot.
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.: The Open Door :. [12 Sep 2006|03:21am]
Isn't something missing...

No. I have Evanescence's new album!

The world is NOT on an AXIS atm. Everything. Is politically correct, as it should be.

The world is mine. I want a band. Now. make it fucking happen.



It's true, we're all a little insane. But its so clear, now that I'm unchained..
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[10 Sep 2006|07:53pm]

Oh yes. That was shit hot.
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My New Phone? [28 May 2006|04:57pm]
THE SHARP 903 / v903 / 903SH / SX833

Specs + PicsCollapse )
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[18 Apr 2006|05:36pm]
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